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Supply Chain Intelligence for Critical Decision Making

What We Do

We approach security from a 360-degree perspective: operational, technical, organizational, and legal.


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About Us

Chain Security brings together deep commercial experience in high technology and telecommunications markets and a strong security background in government processes in the protection of data and networks against foreign and domestic threats.


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We approach security from a 360-degree perspective: operational, technical, organizational, and legal. Our real-world solutions help customers operate in a global economic environment while also satisfying security imperatives.

We approach each client’s supply chain risks in the context of the client’s business. Our threat and vulnerability assessments are focused on those aspects of the business that are of greatest concern to the client, its customers and government regulators. We then develop and implement mitigation plans that address security topics such as:

  • Legal constructs and relationships between our client and their suppliers and vendors;
  • Software and hardware development processes;
  • Lifecycle support, maintenance and upgrades of systems;
  • Interactions with support personnel and vendor personnel;
  • Verification, analysis and review of software, hardware (including firmware) and chip design and fabrication;
  • Transparency regarding source of supply, including in some instances verification of vendor’s products and vetting of sources of supply;
  • Incident response support for supply chain security breaches;
  • Legal and operational remedies for supply chain security breaches;
  • Ongoing monitoring of mitigation compliance; and
  • Review of the ownership, control and influence of key vendors and third party manufacturers.

We help our clients develop appropriate relationships with customers and government regulators, including providing transparency regarding sources of supply in the client’s supply chain. This helps ensure that the needs of our clients, their customers and government regulators can be addressed in a proactive manner.

In addition to internal operational implementation of security plans, we support our clients at briefings and meetings with their key customers and government regulators to document our supply chain security processes. Then we follow up with our clients to validate that the solution that is developed and implemented is meeting our clients' needs.

We can assist a customer at any stage of its acquisition cycle, whether it is just beginning to consider sourcing from a specific set of vendors, has already started the acquisition process, or has resulting systems in production and operation.