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  • Supply Chain Intelligence for Critical Decision Making

What We Do

We approach security from a 360-degree perspective: operational, technical, organizational, and legal. Our real-world solutions help customers operate in a global economic environment while also satisfying security imperatives.

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Services Overview

  • Legal constructs and relationships
  • Software and hardware development processes
  • Lifecycle support, maintenance and upgrades
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About Us

Chain Security brings together deep commercial experience in high technology and telecommunications markets and a strong security background in government processes in the protection of data and networks against foreign and domestic threats.

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Provide our clients with operationally effective and cost sensitive options for mitigating security risks in their supply chains.

Security Risk In The Supply Chain

Organizations that create and use technology face the difficult task of protecting their investments, intellectual property, customers and employees against a variety of risks. Chain Security specializes in assessing and mitigating security risks that originate in the supply chain.

We develop and help our clients implement practical and economic solutions to their supply chain security challenges. We serve technology manufacturers, telecommunications carriers, enterprises, R&D organizations and utilities, including companies based in the U.S. and abroad.

Chain Security has a track record of working closely with our clients to document, explain and communicate risk mitigation processes to all of our clients' stakeholders, including government regulators. We interact closely with our customers and government regulators to help shape mitigation to meet government concerns.

Solutions That Recognize Our Clients' Realities

Our mitigation strategies are intended to be holistic and complementary to existing security and enterprise business processes. We strive to develop mitigation options that are cost-effective, commercially viable, and customized to the particular business contexts of our clients. On behalf of our clients, we interact closely with our client's employees and vendors to improve transparency and security regarding key products, services and technology, including visibility at the component level.